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Eurogerm USA is a manufacturer of a wide range of ingredients and solutions for bakery, food service and the milling industry.

Job Opening: Technical Baker

Eurogerm KB LLC seeks Technical Baker in Hoffman Estates, IL:
Work on New Product development such as baked goods breads (artisan breads), croissant, brioche, donuts, cakes, cookies with new dough conditioners or enzyme technologies;
Help to improve customers’ products with new ingredient formulations (e.g. increase shelf life with various enzyme blends and natural anti-mold ingredients);
Help customers’ troubleshoot product performance issues or product failures at bakery manufacturing plants;
Run validation tests at customers’ plants to ensure that results transfer from lab to large scale production runs smoothly following successful research and development tests;
Complete R&D development projects to replace expensive ingredients with alternative ingredients.

High School/GED and three (3) years of experience in the job offered or a related occupation.

Knowledge of:
All types of baked goods and bakery processes (frozen dough, pre-proofed frozen dough, baked frozen, fresh process with short and long fermentation) and of all types of functional ingredients used in bakery formulation (enzymes, hydrocolloids, starches, proteins, oxidizing and reducing agents, anti-mold systems, etc.).
Experience with laminated dough (to make croissants, danishes).
MasterBaker Certification required.
National and international travel required approximately 20% of the time to run bakery trials at customers’ plants to validate R&D test results in full scale production lines.

About Eurogerm KB

Eurogerm S.A. began its journey in 1989 formulating and producing cereal and enzyme-based milling ingredients in France.

Eurogerm later applied the ingredient technology in bakery applications, producing and selling functional ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf-life extenders, and ingredients to enhance application-specific attributes such as crustiness, softness, flavor, and texture.

Today, Eurogerm has subsidiaries in USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, South Africa, Senegal, Morocco, and Lebanon.

Problend-Eurogerm was established in 2014 when Eurogerm acquired Problend Ingredients based in the Chicago area. The name changed to Eurogerm USA in 2019, and continues its operation in the Chicago area with production, R&D lab, and office.

Eurogerm USA is focused on providing the best ingredients and solutions to our customers.

We offer a wide range of products for bread, pastry, sweet goods, food service, and the milling industry.

With our customer-first approach, most of our products are customized to meet targets set by our customers.

Following Eurogerm Group’s CSR principles, we are committed to developing new products to meet clean label, non-GMO, Organic, vegan, allergen free, and overall healthy products to meet the needs of consumers.