Sweet Breads

Brioche, Pain-au-lait (milk bread), Pain Viennois (great for sandwiches) – Eurogerm pairs quality ingredients with extensive expertise to develop solutions, or reformulate to meet your specific requirements.


Dough Conditioners/Concentrates

Product # Product Name Application
33586CL Brioche 4%Clean label concentrate designed to add volume, strength and shelf life to all types of sweet dough products . For volume, texture, shelf-life, flavor, color.
33584Addigerm laminated Brioche Pac 0455Dough conditioner formulated to produce pre-proof frozen laminated brioche with soft and unqiue texture combining best of both croissant and brioche to yield a delicious product.
33620Addigerm Buns brioche Dough conditioner for the making brioche buns in direct process.
33633Addigerm Brioche Extra 3% Dough conditioner formulated for Brioche loaves, brioche buns and milk bread (pain au lait) in direct process.
33743Addigerm Brioche Extra NGMDough conditioner for non-GMO brioche loaves and buns formulated to yield optimum volume and shelf life
33774Addigerm Viensoft 5%Concentrate for Viennois bread (Pain Viennois) in a direct process. It improves the product volume, taste and shelf-life.
33777Extrasoft Brioche 4% Concentrate specially designed to produce high quality brioche buns and “viennoiserie”. For volume, texture, shelf-life, flavor, color.
33786Addigerm Viensoft 5% DF (Dairy Free)Concentrate for Dairy Free Viennois bread (Pain Viennois) in a direct process. It improves the product volume, taste and shelf-life.
33793Addigerm LFD 0755 Clean label dough conditioner formulated for making high-quality packaged brioche buns and rolls with extended shelf life.
33842Vegan Brioche Bun 075Vegan dough Conditioner intended for high-quality vegan brioche buns & rolls.

Bread Bases & Mixes

Product # Product Name Application
33639CL Traditional Brioche 50% Clean label base designed to produce authentic traditional French brioche or brioche buns.
33040Addigerm Brioche Tout Choco 150510% Base to make chocolate brioche loaf and buns (includes Cocoa powder and chocolate flavor)


Product # Product Name Application
D971Natural Flavor – Butter Type Clean label non-dairy natural butter flavor for baked goods
33254Instant Choc Extra Flavor and aroma for prepacked viennoiseries and prepacked breads with a chocolate taste.
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