Organic Products

Eurogerm is committed to developing new products to meet clean label, non-GMO, Organic, vegan, allergen free, and overall healthy products to meet consumer needs. (If you’d like, you can learn more about our CSR commitment here).


Dough Conditioners/Concentrates

Product # Product Name Application
33423Biomix PDM Soft 0230 Organic dough conditioner for organic pan bread and soft bread
33523Biomix Baguextra 0155 Organic dough conditioner for organic artisan bread and baguette
33744Biomix Breadbun 1%Versatile organic dough conditioner for all types of processes and breads/rolls
33775Biomix Pal 5%Organic dough conditioner for organic “Pain au lait” and organic brioche buns in direct process. It improves volume and shelf-life.
33617Biomix Croissant 0305Organic dough conditioner for product organic croissant

Shelf Life Extenders

Product # Product Name Application
33615Bio X-tend-Zyme Moist Organic shelf life extender to enhance moistness
33616Biolisoft 500 Organic shelf life extender to enhance softness
33752Biomix Conserval Part CL Organic calcium propionate replacer

Organic Ingredients

Product # Product Name Application
33610Glutnx Org Highly effective organic enzyme based gluten replacer
10967Gluten Bio Organic vital wheat gluten
10674Maltogerm Bio Organic malted wheat flour
2799Organic Y-Egg Organic economical whole egg replacer that offer all of the characteristics of eggs without the cost

Sensory Ingredients

Product # Product Name Application
10709Farine Gaudes Bio Organic toasted corn flour
11144Parfen Orge Bio 500 Organic toasted barley flour
11156Parfen Seigle BilogiqueOrganic toasted rye flour
20971Lefap Rye Bio 125 (Organic Rye)Devitalized organic rye sour to add natural rye sourdough fermented flavor in all types of breads
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