Fretzel Recipe

Product   %   Weight
Bread Flour 100 1000g
Addigerm Croissant Long Shelf Life 4% 4 40g
Salt 1.5 15g
Fresh Yeast 5 50g
Sugar 3 30g
Water 40 400g
Milk Powder 5 50g
Whole Eggs 10 100g
Total 1685g
cake donuts


Mix in a Planetary Mixer 3 min low speed + 9 min medium speed
1st Fermentation None
Dividing 2000g
Resting 10 min in blast freezer
Folding Incorporate 500g of butter. Give the appropriate foldings.
Shaping Divide in the shape desired at desired weight
Proofing 90 minutes at 25°C. Place inside Lye Solution.
Baking Rack oven at 165°C with steam for 20 minutes
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