Croissant Recipe

Straight Process Raw Frozen
Product   %   Weight   %   Weight
Bread Flour 100 1000g 100 1000g
Sugar 12 120g 12 120g
Salt 2 20g 2 20g
Fresh Yeast 5 50g 6 60g
Water 25 250g 53 250g
Butter 5 50g 5 50g
Milk 26 260g
Lefap Durum 3 30g
CL Croissant 1% 1 10g
Addigerm CV 380 /
Addigerm Frozen Croissant ML 0155 US /
Addigerm Croissant FTO 0305 US
1 - 2.5 10 - 25g
Total 1790g 1510g
ciabatta recipe


Mix in a Planetary Mixer 3 min S1 + 10 min S2
1st fermentation None
Dividing From 1785 to 2000 g
Resting 10 min in blast freezer
Folding Incorporate 500 gr of butter. Give a double folding.
Rest in the freezer for 10 mns and give a double folding (16 layers total)
Shaping 70 g croissant
For Raw Frozen Place in blast freezer then keep in plastic bag in holding freezer
Straight Process 90 minutes at 25°C and 75%RH
Raw Frozen Process 2.5 hours at 25°C and 75%RH
Baking Rack oven at 170 °C for 19 minutes
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