Ciabatta Recipe

Product   %   Plain Ciabatta   %   CX Legume Ciabatta
Bread Flour 100 1000g 100 1000g
CL BreadBun 1% 1 10g 1 10g
Lefap Wheat Germ 2 20g 2 20g
Parfen Mais 100 1 10g 1 10g
Fresh Yeast 1 10g 1 10g
Water 80 800g 80 800g
Croustimix Legume - - 8 80g
Olive Oil 3 30g 3 30g
Total 1880g 1960g
ciabatta recipe


Mix all ingredients in a Spiral Mixer 4 Low speed + 9/10 medium speed then add the Croustimix at the end of the mix
1st fermentation 60 Minutes
Dividing Flatten the dough on a table. Cut pieces
Resting None
Shaping None
Proofing 60/90 minutes at 25 Degrees Celsius and 80%RH
Baking Bake at 250 °C
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